Who we are

Based in Oakland, CA, the company is founded and operated by Ross Clark, Creative Director. Since its inception in 2000, the company has been building upon a foundation of ingenuity and artistry. Creating and organizing the machine shop, engineering design, fabrication of prototypes, coding of software.

What we do

Design and production of products for transportation, utility and lighting. Employing available technologies to enable a more sustainable productivity, electriCreations brings system solutions to a broad set of applications.

Why we do it

As the need for intelligent energy usage becomes increasingly important, the use of efficient devices becomes our duty. The ultimate solution for our a population of our size is to greatly decrease (or stop!) energy usage altogether. Choosing when and how we use this borrowed energy will affect future generations. We strive to provide options for economical ecology with an aesthetic intrigue.



4401 San Leandro St. #23
Oakland, CA 94601



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